Starting college and not knowing exactly who you want to be in the future…


It’s okay to feel this way, most successful people didn’t know what they wanted either at first. People such as; Albert Einstein. He two had felt lost and had dealt with people who continuously told him what to do with his life. It makes things more confusing when someone you care about pressures you into doing something you probably don’t want.

The best thing to do is take time to figure out what YOU want. Go out to the park, sit on a bench, and ask yourself, what do you love doing the most?, what are your talents/skills?. Close your eyes and pretend you live a life where no one is telling you who to be or pressuring you into anything, where college is free (even though It already is), and you could just be anybody you want..imagine who you would be. Whoever or whatever that is, go for it.

WORD of ADVICE, don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of who you want to be!, and to add on to that, there will be times where you’re going to stumble down and fail, it is your job to get back up and keep going, keep pushing yourself until you get what you want. No one else Is going to do that for you. If you want to be more then one thing, that’s fine too, as long as it goes together, for example; writing and cooking. It makes sense. You can cook, create new recipes, write them down, and create a book out of it.

It’s best to do what you love the most, something that’ll make you happy, don’t just do something for someone else’s satisfaction or for money.